Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Angry Black Woman

Black America has a very interesting reputation and expectations. As Black Women, we are even more interestingly categorized. From the way the media portrays us, if we are aggressive or assertive, we are angry. We have a point to prove. We have a chip on our shoulder. Why can’t we just be annoyed by the stupidity that we encounter on a daily basis? Why can’t we just be tired of all of the expectations that society places on us? Why can’t we just want more for ourselves to where we refuse to subscribe to the societal expectations?

I decided to write this blog after having a week of various encounters. It has been one thing after the other, but all I could think of when responding was, be careful how you respond, you do not want to be coined as “The Angry Black Woman”. No matter what takes place, one does not want to be perceived negatively, so you have to calm that raging voice inside that says “Speak up”. But by doing this, I feel as though I am silencing my voice. And for me, doing so means that I am allowing the situation(s) to continue.

Regardless of the situation, I am not angry. I am annoyed and frustrated. It is annoying to receive a sexually explicit photo of yourself after we’ve parted ways after meeting for the first time. It is frustrating to have someone of the opposite race jump in line in front of you after you’ve stood there waiting patiently for your turn to make your purchase. It is frustrating for people to assume your upbringing because you can relate to others who they cannot. It is frustrating for people to judge one group based on their limited knowledge of that group but yet they have determined the consensus for everyone who is a part of that group. And it is frustrating to see someone speak the language but not walk in their sermon.

Why can’t our anger just be seen as either passion or frustration? Why must it be seen as we are never satisfied or that we are hypersensitive (a prelude to my next blog)? Why must it be seen as us being unhappy?

I have said it once and I will profess it here, I claim my anger and believe it is in justifiable right.


Your Angry Black Woman

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